Blue Kush 99 Autoflowering Xtreme Seeds

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New 2018. Blue Kush '99 Autoflowering. New auto of Auto Classic Line where they have crossed our MBC'99 and PCK Auto. It is a plant with beautiful purple tones and a total cycle of 65/70 days. Seeds of collecting.

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With Blue Kush '99 Autoflowering have joined 2 genetics of the so-called "blue or purple" as our MBC'99 (Mazar Blue Calp 99) and a PCK Auto (Pakistan Chitral Kush auto) from one of the major national banks as Tropical Seeds Co.

This plant, in 90% of the cases, will show us beautiful blue / purple tones that, with some cold, become practically black. It is an autoflowering practically 100% indica and its effect is mainly physical, which is a good variety for use at night or to relax.

In about 65 days from sowing and until harvest, we will obtain plants of about 80/140 cm high and with medium / high yields for this type of genetics.

It grows compact but forms good side branches that will provide greater performance both indoors and outdoors.

The flavor and aromas are pleasant with earthy notes, sweet and somewhat spicy. It is also a good resin producer that will shine on the dark flowers of this variety.

  • Parental: MBC'99 x PCK Auto.

    Genetics: 100% indica.

    Sex: autoflowering feminized seeds.

    Complete cycle: 65 days from germination to harvest.

    Production: medium / high. Indoors 400/450 grs m2 and 40/150 grs per plant outdoors according to time of planting and form of cultivation.

    Flavor: Complex flavor with touches of moist earth, something spicy and sweet. Kush.

    Power / effect: Physical and relaxing effect. Good variety to consume at night.
Height Autofloreciente
Width MBC'99 x PCK Auto
Depth media
Weight 70 días ciclo completo
Compositions Terroso, espciado, dulce.
Styles Físico, narcótico y relajante.
Properties no.

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