Giant autoflowering ASB

Giant autoflowering ASB

The giant autoflowering Xtreme Seeds are based on a ruderalis genetics different from the Lowryder that has been used as the basis for the creation of the majority of autoflowering that we can enter the market today.

This ruderalis, located further south than the aforementioned ruderalis, was larger and more productive, as well as more powerful and with a stronger effect. Because the summer in that area was somewhat longer than further north, those "autoflowering" plants had a longer cycle.

When we started working with these genetics, what struck us most was the vigor and strength with which they grew, even growing more than some photodependent varieties. They were huge plants but very unstable in terms of cycles and sizes. Also the production of flowers was something unpredictable and varied greatly from one specimen to another.

We soon realized the potential of these plants and our goal was to reduce their cycle as much as possible while maintaining the giant size and improve the overall stability of the new hybrids that were being created.

In recent years we have worked to reduce the cycle to a time close to 3 months or so, because the first generations could be extended to 120 or 150 days or even more in some cases. The cycles will now be 90/100 days, keeping huge sizes and productions that are above any autoflowering.

Generation after generation more stable plants have been achieved. With cycles much more delimited in time and with flower formation more homogeneous and of higher quality at organoleptic level as well as potency. Today they have become first-rate autoflowering, highlighting its production and the quality of its flowers.

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