Xtreme Kush feminized

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Xtreme Kush is our most potent variety. Crossing OG Kush SFV x Bubba Kush. Variety medicinal against pain.

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Xtreme Kush is one of our favorite plants. For its creation, were crossed two of the most recognized genetics  in the California dispensaries, OG Kush SFV x Bubba Kush.

This variety is one of the most potent and narcotic that we have had the pleasure of trying. Its effect is extremely strong and we do not recommend it for inexperienced consumers. Its effect is narcotic and sedative, very accentuated. That is why it is our star variety if we refer to the possible medical uses.

With THC levels around 18% and CBD with 1.6 / 1.8% it makes it ideal to combat chronic pain, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia and sleep disorders, as you will be plunged into a pleasant state of maximum relaxation.

In growth forms plants with a wide internodal distance, large dark green leaves and very good branching. Its buds are hard as granite and are completely covered in shiny resin.


OG Kush SVF x Bubba Kush


90 % índica, 10% sativa

Harvest time.

70 days

Outdoor Harvest

midle  octuber


500/600 grs m2 indoor and to 1000 grs per plant outdoor.


Very high, Demolisher . Medicinal variety. Narcotic.

Height Indica
Width OG Kush SFV x Bubba Kush 98
Depth 500/600 grs m2
Weight 65/70 días
Compositions Cítrico / Diesel / Terroso
Styles Muy fuerte. Narcótico y sedante.
Properties Si, variedad medicinal.

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