OG Kush Express feminized

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OG Kush Express feminized is a hybrid mainly indica. Very high power and fast flowering. Earthy flavors, diesel and with some sweet notes. Medicinal variety. Collection seeds.

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OG Kush Express feminized is a fast flowering version of the OG Kush SFV. This female came from California with our male HashPlant giving it a great flowering speed and increasing its production.

In about 55/60 days of flowering we will obtain hard flowers like stones. Aromas of fuel oil with some earthy touches of his Hashplant legacy. Outdoors it is possible to harvest the first 10 days of September even before.

In the feminized version, a greater homogeneity has been sought. The phenotypes are closer to the original OG Kush. You can find plants with light blue tones legacy of his father HashPlant, although they are scarce.

This variety has been worked again in 2016 to increase its aromas and the resin production that is now greater.

OG Kush Express is a plant with a very high power, not suitable for consumers with little tolerance. It is highly recommended for medical purposes due to its sedative and narcotic effect. We can fight chronic pain or sleep disorders, anxiety or stress. It can also be used to stimulate the appetite.

  • Genetic: Hybrid mainly Indica
  • Parentals: OG Kush SFV x HashPlant
  • Flowering time: 55/60 day indoor, first September outdoors.
  • Yield: Very high. Arround 500/600 grs m2 or 800/1000 per plant.
  • Power / efect: Very strong. Narcotic, relaxing. Medical strain.

Height Indica
Width OG Kush SFV x HashPlant
Depth 500/600 grs m2
Weight 60 dás
Compositions Terroso, diesel, kush.
Styles Muy fuerte. Narcótico y sedante.
Properties Si, variedad medicinal.

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