High Mass A.S.B Giant autoflowering

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High Mass ASB Giant autoflowering 4th generation. Based on genetic Critical Mass. It can grow 2 meters in height in the best growing conditions. Only for outdoors. Variety with sweet and fruity taste. Seeds of collecting.

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High Mass ASB is a giant autoflowering, which like High Ryder, reaches in optimal conditions more than 2 meters high. Based on genetics Critical Mass is sweet, fruity and very pleasant when consumed. Its effect is balanced between physical and cerebral, although mostly sativa and somewhat softer than that of High Ryder.

The plants grow with a lot of vigor and strength from the beginning. Sowed in April, they will appear in all their splendor with crops similar to those of photo-dependent plants.

In its cultivation in mother earth the greater and more production units will be obtained.

The total cycle from germination to harvest will be about 90/100 days for plants capable of producing more than 500 grs / plant.

Crop tips:

  • Since the end of 2018 the total plant cycle has been reduced and will now be around 90/100 days maximum.
    Indoor cultivation is still complicated due to the size they reach.
    Use pots between 20 and 45 liters to obtain the largest specimens.
    Avoid transplants. Because now its cycle is almost a month less, we run the risk that the plants do not grow enough. Use the definitive flowerpot from the beginning.
    Stimulate the roots with Roots Stimulators or beneficial fungi or bacteria. They will grow more and produce more.
    In mother earth we will obtain the best specimens depending on the time of cultivation.
    Plan for them on March and until the end of August / September. The closer we get to June, the higher the plants and their production will be. If we sow at the beginning of spring or end of summer, the plants will be a little smaller.

Genetic: Critical Mass (A.S.B) x ASB

Tipe: 60% sativa - 40% índica

Harvest Outdoor: 90/100 days

Indoor: Indoors, its cultivation is complicated by size.

Heigh: to 1 meter from 2 meters. It depends on the time of planting.

Production: 400 / 500 grs per plant. Variable. Very high.

Power: Medium.

Taste / flavor: Sweet, fruity.

Height Autofloreciente Gigante ASB
Width Critical Mass ASB x High Ryder ASB
Depth Desde 200 hasta 400/500 grs planta
Weight 90/100 días ciclo completo.
Compositions Dulce y afrutado.
Styles Medium.

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