Black Ryder 98 ASB Giant Autoflowering

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New 2019! Black Ryder 98 ASB is a giant autoflowering mainly indica. With a cycle of 90 days and a more physical and relaxing effects. Up to more than 2 meters high. Black Domina 98 X High Ryder ASB.

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Black Ryder 98 ASB is the first giant autoflowering of Xtreme Seeds mainly indica. It is a hybrid that used the mythical Black Domina 98 very popular for its stability, rapid flowering, taste and high power. He crossed paths with our father High Ryder ASB.

This variety reaches between 1 and 2.20 meters, always according to the time of planting, and with extraordinary productions of very compact flowers. Dark green tones will be shown in bloom and with a not inconsiderable amount of resins. The phenotypic expression is reduced and the great majority of specimens present a high homogeneity.

Black Ryder 98 ASB has a physical and pleasant effect that will plunge you into a state of relaxation and tranquility. Excellent for night use or to share good times with friends.

Like the rest of the Auto Super Big line, it is about large production varieties. Sowed in the best outdoor months are able to exceed 500 grams per plant. Indoor crops will be difficult to grow due to the height they reach.

The total cycle from germination to harvest will be 90 days.

  •      Parental: Black Domina 98 x High Ryder ASB
         Type: Giant Autoflowering.
         Sex: feminized seeds.
         Full cycle: 90 days.
         Height: Between 1 and 2.20 meters.
         Production: Up to 500 grams per plant outdoors.
         Effect: Strong and prolonged. Physical and relaxing.

Visit our blog to know the best growing tips for these varieties and thus obtain the largest specimens.

Height Autofloreciente Gigante ASB
Width Black Domina 98 x High Ryder ASB
Depth De 100 a 500 grs / planta
Weight 90 días ciclo completo.
Compositions Especiado y "kushi" con toques dulces.
Styles Físico y relajante.
Properties Si. Estrés, ansiedad, insomnio.

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