High Ryder A.S.B Giant Autoflowering

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High Ryder ASB. New giant autoflowering. Crossing Amnesia Haze x Haze. The greatest autoflowering in the market. Flavor Haze and metallic. Now only 90 days full cycle.

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At Xtreme Seeds, we have been working with the new autoflowering giants Auto Super Big for years to obtain plants that until now were impossible to grow. High Ryder ASB is the largest, most productive and powerful ASB Giant Autoflowering. Its yields, taste and effect are comparable to those of photo-dependent plants, surpassing the yield of these in some cases.

For the creation of High Ryder ASB an Amnesia Haze ASB with an Haze ASB was crossed. Plants that reach between 1 and 2.5 meters depending on the time of planting and way of cultivation. Haze and metallic flavors with lemon citrus touches.

Since the end of 2018 the new lots are presented with a total cycle of about 90/100 days, reducing the total plant cycle by almost a month and maintaining the usual quality and production. Now all the giant Autoflowering Xtreme Seeds will be ready in a maximum of 90/100 days.

Genetic: Amnesia Haze (A.S.B) x Haze (A.S.B)

Tipe: 80% sativa - 20% índica

Harvest Outdoor: 90/100 days

Indoor: it's no possible grow in indoors.

Heigh: to 1 meter from 2 meters. It depends on the time of planting.

Production: 200 / 500 grs per plant. Variable. Very high.

Power: Very high.

Tips for cultivation:

  • Since the end of 2018 the total plant cycle has been reduced and will now be around 90/100 days maximum.
    Indoor cultivation is still complicated due to the size they reach.
    Use pots between 20 and 45 liters to obtain the largest specimens.
  • Avoid transplants. Because now its cycle is almost a month less, we run the risk that the plants do not grow enough.
  • Use the definitive flowerpot from the beginning.
  • Stimulate the roots with Roots Stimulators or beneficial fungi or bacteria. They will grow more and produce more.
    In mother earth we will obtain the best specimens depending on the time of cultivation.
    Plan for them on March and until the end of August / September. The closer we get to June, the higher the plants and their production will be. If we sow at the beginning of spring or end of summer, the plants will be a little smaller.
  • They are excellent for 3 or 4 outdoor crops in the same year. Also for areas where the cold and humidity of autumn arrive soon or summers are short.

WidthAmnesia Haze ASB x Haze ASB
DepthArround 200 y 500 grs per plant
Weight90/100 full cycle
Compositionshaze, citrus and metallic
Stylesactive, creative, strong.

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