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New in 2018. Dark Chunk regular is across of Shiva Blue and Deep Chunk. 100% indica of beautiful purple / black tones. Seeds of collection.

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Dark Chunk is a new variety of the so-called "Deep Chunk Line", born from the collaboration between Xtreme Seeds and The Blue Stone Sanctuary.

Two indicas have been crossed, such as the Shiva Blue and the Deep Chunk, Afghanistan landrace, from the private collection of The Blue Stone Sanctuary and brought from Canada.

It is a spectacular plant for its beautiful purple / black tones in branches, stems, leaves and flowers, but also for its excellent production of resins, something that characterizes all varieties of Deep Chunk Line.

It has an average production and is not a variety that can be called commercial, although the quality of the final product is first level. Its effect is physical and mainly narcotic.

Dark Chunk has a spicy aroma and flavor with notes of damp earth, a different taste for gourmets.

If you are a lover of extractions of the BHO type, hashish in dry or ice, or of any kind, these are a good candidate, because the production of trichomes is well above the average, covering virtually the entire plant.

This new line of regular seeds is ideal for new breeding projects since both the females and the males that will appear offer us a wide, healthy and vigorous genetic pool.

General characteristics of the variety:

  •      Genetics: 100% Indica.
  •      Parental: Shiva Blue x Deep Chunk
  •      Sex: regular seeds.
  •      Flowering cycle: 60/65 days. September.
  •      Production: medium.
  •      Effect: narcotic, physical. Relaxing.
  •      Seeds of collecting.

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